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YellowFIN Robotics specialises in providing effective and intelligent solutions fusing evolutionary technology with smart operators, to deliver game-changing insights for our clients.

Safe UAV

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How can We help you?

The world of unmanned aviation and its applications are only limited by our imagination. UAVs have been proven to provide exceptional solutions in various industries.  Tell us about issues in your industry and allow YellowFIN Robotics to provide you with workable end-to-end solutions.

The capabilities of our aircraft and their sensors allow us to:

Reduce risk to personnel involved in inspections at heights

Reduce risk to personnel involved in confined spaces inspection

Optimise and increase the scope of risk assessments

Deliver fast and efficient mapping and surveying reports

Reduce operational costs considerably

Introduce novel working methods to increase efficiency

Utilising state of the art technology operated by our team of dedicated, highly motivated professionals, we are poised to meet the needs of an array of industries. From shipping to energy and renewables, we offer our services to meet the growing demand for safe, efficient and cost effective inspections and surveys.

In Pursuit of Innovative RPAS/Drone Solution

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